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Welcome to the Ray Lynn Foundation. This foundation is a 501(c) non-profit organization based in Minnesota. The Ray Lynn Foundation is available for all those who want to learn and share. It is a place of support and hope for victims and loved ones who are concerned about abuse. Abuse has an all-encompassing effect on the victim and the ones who love them. On this site, you will find articles and links to information that will help everyone better understand the cycle of abuse.

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There is a forum page. You can use this forum to share your story, or better yet, share your photography, poems, music, paintings, essays, or any other outlet that has helped you cope. Self-expression is a powerful tool in verbalizing things you may not completely understand. The deep seeded sadness and anger can be released a little at a time through self-expression. A pen and paper will not judge you. A brush and paint will not pity you. You can share anonymously or publicly. Click on the Forum button and create an account.


The Store has a t-shirt for sale, which benefits the Ray Lynn Foundation.  In the future, more items will be added. In the meantime, if you would like to support this site visit, or click the “donate” button on any of the pages.


The goal of the Ray Lynn Foundation is to to give people a place of Hope.  The journey of self discovery for the victims of abuse is treacherous and lonesome. It is often very difficult to connect with other people because of trust issues or the fear of revealing the damage. The Ray Lynn Foundation seeks to help survivors connect anonymously and share their stories, art, poetry etc. in the hopes that in sharing, others will recognize the same struggles.  The first stage is this website. The second stage is to have a building that houses victims, counselors, teachers and researchers to 1) better understand the cycle of sexual abuse 2) intervene and give support to those in need, and 3) develop new methods in counseling and education to end the cycle.

For the victim:  You are not alone!

For family members:  You can help!

To learn more click on the GETTING HELP link.