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The goal of this website is to offer a safe haven  for survivors of abuse.  A place where survivors can learn by sharing and reading other survivors stories.  A place to give voice to the secrets guarded and never spoken of.  I believe that creative self expression is the best way to cope with these things when one is not willing or able yet to speak to someone about them.  For those who are tired of the weight, this site will offer resources to find qualified help near where they live.  In the end, this site is directed at a former version of myself.  That old self was desperate to communicate terrible things, but had no idea who to trust or where to turn.  That old self knew there must be more like him, and needed to find those people.  Yet, had no idea where to look.  So, he kept it all bottled up to his detriment.  This site is that place he longed for; that meeting ground of people like him.